Frankie Y.

This school is great.They have GREAT teachers and staff.They always have time for parents and actually do care for their students.My daughter has IMPROVED soooooo much she even had honor rolls for two trimester.I thank God for this open door now she is going on her...

Frances P.

The structure the school demonstrates is helping my son become responsible. The incentives they give to the students also encourages them do more. The genuinely show that they care for the students.

Tey R.

My son has grown tremendously in the two years he’s been attending Emblaze. Great school, curriculum and staff. Thank you for all the work you put in and I wish Eblaze continued success. Fingers crossed it will extend to an HS.

Rocky S.

I had work with emblaze but as a school paraprofessional. I love how they makes students and teachers like family. From when kids and teachers are singing happy birthday to you to us doing spelling bee or poetry. This school is my favorite place to work. I miss...

Shudarson B.

Emblaze Academy Charter School is one of the best learning institution where teachers are excellent. They always take care their students. Facilities and environment are amazing.