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Our Mission

Through rigorous curriculum and high quality instruction, provided within an invested and ambitious school community, Emblaze Academy Charter School prepares all students in grades five through eight to thrive in high school and graduate from the college of their choice.

Our beliefs


We respect the intelligence, innate desire to learn, and academic capability of our students.


We believe in the power of high quality teachers to transform our students’ academic trajectory.


Our community is relentlessly ambitious, energetic, focused, & deeply respectful of each other.

Help Us Grow

Your commitment to Emblaze Academy Charter School is helping forge a future filled with personal growth, innovative collaboration and community-focused programming. Everything you love about Emblaze is made possible by the generosity of our community.


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Explore our facility, built to inspire learning. We take pride in our learning environment, and invite you to take a look!Β 

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In Case You Missed it...

There’s a lot that goes on during school hours, but we take fun very seriously here at Emblaze. We believe in giving our students opportunities to bond outside the classroom.


From poetry and drama to fine art and everything in between, students at Emblaze can chart their own path through our broad elective curriculum.


Be a part of a team, in the classroom and on the field! Explore our athletics, stay up to date on sports schedules and more.

emblaze news

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School Year 2023-2024 Announcement


Fun times were had at our student / faculty cookout.

Prom 2022

2022 Prom was a hit

Join Our Team

Emblaze Academy, a new charter middle school located in the South Bronx, invites tenacious professionals and educators to apply. The school is founded on the belief that all students, regardless of race, socioeconomic, status, home language, or zip code can learn and achieve at high levels when held to the highest expectations.

challenge and support

All students receive daily interventions and are challenged with complex tasks in their core classes.
We have two special educators in each grade. We have small group instruction four times daily.

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This school is great.They have GREAT teachers and staff.They always have time for parents and actually do care for their students.My daughter has IMPROVED soooooo much she even had honor rolls for two trimester.I thank God for this open door now she is going on her second year in the school.

Frankie Y.

The structure the school demonstrates is helping my son become responsible. The incentives they give to the students also encourages them do more. The genuinely show that they care for the students.

Frances P.

My son has grown tremendously in the two years he’s been attending Emblaze. Great school, curriculum and staff. Thank you for all the work you put in and I wish Eblaze continued success. Fingers crossed it will extend to an HS.

Tey R.

I had work with emblaze but as a school paraprofessional. I love how they makes students and teachers like family. From when kids and teachers are singing happy birthday to you to us doing spelling bee or poetry. This school is my favorite place to work. I miss working with them. One two three family !!! Four five six Emblaze !!!

Rocky S.

Emblaze Academy Charter School is one of the best learning institution where teachers are excellent. They always take care their students. Facilities and environment are amazing.

Shudarson B.

I love this school! All the teachers have nice touching contacts with each and every parent, meaning the school is strict yet an excellent school. My son has gradually gotten a lot better in this school and so did his attitude. I would highly recommend sending your child here, you won’t regret it.

- Minu S.